Saturday, March 5, 2011


The day of seclusion, the island of Bali shuts down. This happened on the 5th of March, and on the 4th artworks come alive!

Each local village, starting with the young boys, and moving into adults (we only saw one group of girls) builds a statue of Ogoh-Ogoh, monster demons. The young men usually have a smaller Ogoh Ogoh, compared to the adults, whose bouncy bamboo, paper mache and foam Ogoh Ogohs can be over twenty feet tall. The base of each monster is a bamboo grid where the builders can lift, bounce and make dance the giant statue.

After the parading, these monsters are burnt and destroyed, then the sound cannons begin going off! Wow these bamboo sound bombs are loud, and for us best heard from the comforts of our home while watching fireworks shoot off in every direction.

As the day of silence and seclusion begins, the only noises to be heard are those of animals. Local security guards patrol the streets to ensure people are being quiet and in their homes, and as a whole, the day of seclusion is very calm, and reflective.