Thursday, February 3, 2011

Upon Arrival

It is the wee hours of day three on Bali, the second dawn is slowly being pulled up in the sky and the roosters have been quielty being heard over the sound of the crickets since it was still completely dark outside.

The first night we arrived three friends picked us up at the airport, where teh bathrooms had fresh flowers and there was a fish tank, with lovely fishes, above each urinal.

Our villa is a short walk from the road down a motorcycle accesible path, and is bordered by rice patties on three sides and another villa on the fourth.  Completely open air and with a pool, carvings and ceremonial offering sculptures, this casa is straight out of a lovely dream.  THe first thing I did was jump into the pool, clothes on and smiling.

We're up in the mountains a little above sea level, and it is cooler here.  The people inhabiting bali (many balinese as well as Javanese) are very wealthy south east asians, and lovely to interact with.  There are BMW's and mercedes here, most everyone gets around on a scooter or motorbike.  Ours is a 250 cc liquid cooled with only 5400 kms on it.  we paid 1.1 million rupiah for the month, which is about $130, and bought two helmets for a total of $35.

Driving reminds me of a school of fish, big fish surrounded moslty by little ones, we fill up all parts of the road and sidewalks with road rules that are unwritten yet easy to follow.

Arts ooze out of the cracks, with the most beautiful 20 ft god and goddess sculptures at big intersections, and crafting shops everywhere.

Our first night consisted of a sativa hash clove and tobacco cigarette. Wow. punishable by death, i don't think I'll be smoking much of that. Besides, I like being clear and clean.

This morning I hear a crowd with some lovely music off in the distance since before dawn.
I think I'll ho pon my bike and go for a little ride.

This one's for you sis.  I love you.


  1. YaY RJ! Love that I get to follow you around Indonesia and see it from your perspective... THanks for choosing to blog. Love you too!

  2. Bloggin g seems to be out of order right now... I'll keep trying!

  3. Hey Russ - look forward to traveling vicariously through your blog! Keep well LOL Auntie Carol