Thursday, February 17, 2011


Padangbai, snorkeling was lovely. En route, there was a lovely procession of semi-trucks packed with people. We caught some of it on video, and thought the whole situation was lovely.

In Padangbai, we went out snorkeling and soon saw a sea turtle. The fish were so lovely and voraciously ate the bread we gave them.

Green school tour was equally amazing. The tour started out with our guide saying how strong bamboo is, then the bamboo railing broke, as too many people were leaning on it. Really it was the wooden nails that snapped, for good reason. The three story high "heart of school" is the bamboo structure that has been winning awards. The floor shakes when walking on the second story, and it feels kinda nice.

It certainly is nice to see the next generation of kids are growing up in an environment that melds the best of modern and ecological worlds.

I'm off to bed. And Flores soon!

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