Saturday, February 19, 2011

A special dinner

AHHH Southeast Asia. The pollution does attract my attention, on a drive to the beach I saw a bag of garbage get thrown out of a truck as it drove over a bridge, and waste is way easier to throw away than to pay for someone to pick up, so plastic is everywhere. The sky has a perpetual smog, even after it rains, and this is all too reminding of how I remember the sky being bluer as a child.

Today we took a walk along green terraced rice paddies bordered by coconut palms and the sound of trickling water. Birds chirping for the ten minute walk out to sari organic farms, where you can pick your own dinner and they’ll cook it for you. We perched on our patio corner table with pillowed floor seating, drank kombucha tea and pineapple wine while basking in the evening sun. The most memorable meal yet

The fresh green papaya salad was amazing, and as we cam to finish our meal the sun was setting, first pink then red. Overlooking three dozen levels of rice terraces, bordered by palms with villas and giant banyen trees off in the distance, our dinner is one easily remembered.

I really do love being surrounded by food growing everywhere. It just makes sense!

This evening we had a friend come over to talk about making some jewelry pieces, and I’m looking forward to the potential of creating a business friendship here on Bali!

A cute tidbit about Bali is seeing young kids, around the age of ten, driving scooters down the road. Being automatic motorcycles, there are no gears, only hand controls, so seeing a youngster being the wheel is pretty common and always cute!

The full moon is so bright! Silhouette palms, fireflies and crickets, bats flying around and frogs chirping in the rice patties that are literally an arms length away is a lovely way to go to sleep and wake up.

We’ve booked tickets to Flores island, about 800km east of Bali. Just west of where we land lie the komodo islands, home of the dragons, and a national park with world class snorkeling! Woohooo!

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  1. Hey RJ - LOVE THE BLOG!!! I just got back from our vacation and I read the whole lot of them this afternoon on my coffee break. I'm intrigued...sounds like a fantastic adventure. Love ya.