Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A nice party

Party with Alex and Alison Grey was great fun! people throw down here! And the palaces people build, three pools, outdoor kitchen gazebo on a deck overlooking jungle!

After the Alex Grey party was sleep. The next day was a small road trip. Traffic was funny/crazy… apparently it’s backed up since buses have been coming into town. The roads are wide enough for one bus, traffic piles up when two lines of twenty busses with cars in between with bikes filling in the gaps like a school of fish are passing each other. Driving on the sidewalks dodging pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists is the only way to get through traffic when it jams. Creative driving we call it.

“Big box” stores, hire private traffic guards to make way for anyone turning into or out of their stores. Tour buses on these small roads make for long parking times, and these are what back up traffic. Fortunately most days traffic is calmer and less busy.

Green School, we went there for breakfast, and are keen to go back for a tour. Spent the morning chatting with a parent and enjoying “Green Warung”, the food joint where the ‘rents hang out, operated by the school.

The school itself is a gorgeous giant bamboo building, the green school is a great marvel of engineering and construction, and the drive to the school was lovely, a one lane motorcycle bridge over a river that green school hopes to make 8 kW of power from. It sure felt like a world class education center. Jean, the dude we chatted with, said his kid loves being there, of course why not? He’s in paradise getting treated like a king at school (Jean's words)

Jiwa Damai was enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to contacting Margret again. The center is in the bottom of a wide ravine, where it is damp and the air is still. The cacao pods were rotted on the trees ☹. On the plus side there is a beautiful stilted house for wwoofers to stay in. Margret said wwoofers get to do just about whatever they want there, such as count coconut trees. We learned about compost and water treatment. Interacted with the head gardener from Ubud and enjoyed soaking up the experience as a whole. Wwooffers apply three months in advance.

That night we went to a kecak dance. Kecak dance was 65000 rupiah or about eight dollars, which is good money here. The temple was well lit and chairs were nicely set out for the thirty or so tourists to watch. The temple itself reminded me of Mayan architecture, with two grandfather trees on either side of the entrance gate to temple compound, and a giant parrot built of bricks on the temple wall.

Update again soon!

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