Saturday, February 5, 2011

Endangered Feathers

Birds of paradise, empirial pheasant, komodo dragon, Kopi luwak.  Upon arrival of the Bali Bird Park there was hesitation, 23 US dollars is alot, given our motorcycle was $130 for the month.  Whatever, we wanted to see birds.

The first was a peacock.  Then macaws and cockatoo, a sulfur crested cockatoo.  Then the rare and exquisite balinese ducks! Quack Quack.  Rare, well, they are everywhere in Bali, exquisite, well they look like farm ducks, but these ones were very orderly, once the duck sheperd showed up, and the ducks ate with gusto!

I found an emerald winged macaw feather, and thus started the feather collecting. Golden crowned crane, crowned pigeon, peacock and so many others.  I stuck the big one's down my pants.  For real.  We did see some of the most sought after birds in the world.  The feathers from birds of paradise were worth more than their weight in gold, and the myna bird can repeat almost any noise it hears.  Harrrow Harrrrow.

Komodo... after the birds we went to check out komodo dragons, also in captivity.  The komodo had a happy aura, and he was very intimidating.  He looked happy, like how a hungry football player would be happy looking at a delicious pizza.  The four foot fence between me and an eight foot carnivorous lizard called a dragon was.... worrisome, possibly intimidating as well.  Needless to say after hanging with dragon all we wanted to do was get some poo coffee.

Poo coffee.. oh i mean Kopi Luwak... comes from a critter that eats the coffee cherries, shits out the beans which are then (apparently) washed and roasted.  20$ for about 50g.  I bought ganja for less than that in Cali :).  Good stuff.

Today sexy yoshi bought imperial pheasant feathers.  The bird comes from Borneo, one of the wild rain forest of Indo, and the feather were a great deal.  About 10$ each.  While she was buying the most beautiful feathers, I walked around the corner to see twenty men making fifteen foot tall bulls to be used in a funeral procession.  The dead are carried in the bulls, which are then burnt.  Hmm bullriding seems different in bali than dawson creek. :)

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